NHS Change Day 2014

Simply put, NHS Change Day is a grassroots movement that asks anyone who engages with the NHS to make a change for the better, and to then share what they have done to inspire others.

NHS Change Day served to harness the passion, drive, commitment and innovation that we see every single day from staff. It used the power of shared purpose to give us the boost to challenge the status quo and try something simple but different to improve patient care.

The goal for the second NHS Change Day (2014) was to surpass the previous total pledges of 189,000 and reach 500,000. By the 31st March 2014 a huge total 702,132 of pledges were made, clearly exceeding expectation and went on to reach over 800,000 pledges for 2014.

Key developments:

  • Developed on PHP using MySQL.
  • Responsive web design to current standards whilst maintaining backwards compatibility with IE7/8 (standard PC build for the NHS).
  • User registration, session management, personalisation, pledge logging/updating/deleting.
  • AJAX forms handling
  • Custom developed CMS for managing content, users and pledges.

NHS-IQ : http://www.nhsiq.nhs.uk/
TWITTER : @NHSChangeDay & #NHSChangeDay
NHS Change Day 2014: http://changeday.nhs.uk/