Sum It All Up

Sum It All Up, available for the iPhone (3GS and higher), iPod Touch (3rd gen and higher), iPad, Blackberry Playbook™ and Android devices, is a simple but addictive maths game where you are given the answer to a calculation and by using all the provided numbers in combination with any of the mathematic operations (add, subtract, multiply and divide) you need to get to that answer.

Brain training for all the family.

Game features:

  • Two main modes of operation – with workings out shown and without – without is a lot harder.
  • Four levels of difficulty in each mode – Easy, Medium, Hard, Rock Hard.
  • Four stages to each level – also increasing in difficulty.
  • Fifty problems to solve in each level – so there is lot to keep you occupied.
  • Timed problems.
  • Gold, Silver & Bronze stars are awarded if the problem is completed on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd attempts.
  • A hint is available if you get stuck.
  • Background animations help to distract you.
  • Workbook pencil styled graphics.
  • Automatically saves you progress so far and star achievements.

There is also a limited, free to play 'Lite' version on all supported platforms

Download it now:

  • Sum It All Up for iOS
  • Sum It All Up for Android
  • Sum It All Up for Blackberry Playbook
  • Sum It All Up available on Amazon