Window Cleaner

Your job is to clean as many windows as you can on the highest building imaginable, in this frantic and addictive game.

It might sound easy but your cleaning gantry just won't stop so you need to be quick off the mark. Don't go cleaning open windows or your clients might not be too happy and broken windows can be dangerous - so keep clear of those.

See how good you are at window cleaning and compare with your friends and others on the leader board on Game Centre.

How many windows can you clean.....

Game technical details:

  • Developed using cross-platform techologies OpenFL and Haxe
  • Custom built game framework
  • Tilesheet rendering
  • Tilesheet hierarchy with parent and child inherited properties
  • Game Centre and Google Play Services leaderboards
  • Admob and iAd advertising

Download it now:

  • Window Cleaner for iPhone & iPad
  • Sum It All Up for Android devices